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We supply a comprehensive range of conventional cleaning, hygiene, janitorial and paper products including sanitary products. Also, our award-winning range of eco-friendly cleaning and hygiene products outperform traditional technology, decrease operating costs, and significantly reduce both carbon footprint and toxicity.

At Go2 we cannot stop climate change, but we can stop it getting worse but only if we all start that process now by offering our customers Carbon neutral products from renewable and sustainable sources which contain NO ingredients toxic to humans, No ingredients toxic to aquatic life, and Stop single use plastic.

Our Suppliers are The UK’s leading manufacturer of Biotech cleaning products

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Nature cleans using biotechnology to keep the world we live in clean. The human body itself uses biotechnology to degrade and absorb the food we eat (see our blog). Understandably, copying this is extremely difficult and so historically our industry has used traditional, primarily petrochemical based chemicals to clean our surfaces without really understanding the impact on the environment and human health until relatively recently.

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